Vilene Lamifix 450mm

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Vilene Lamifix

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Lamifix is a super Vilene Product designed to allow you to easily laminate fabrics of your choice. Created specially with a gloss finish it lets the true vibrancy of your fabric shine through.

Strong, durable & wipeable it is ideal for sponge bags, beach bags… also fabulous on the outside of bags.

Application areas

For use on flat pieces of work such as place mats and other pieces of handicraft to make them splash proof and easy to wipe clean. Suitable for wide range of fabrics.


1. Place the Lamifix on the right side of the fabric with the shiny side facing up.

2. First iron on lightly with a dry cloth and then cut out the exact shape.

3. Then firmly press down with a dry cloth for around 8 seconds. Do not push the iron.

Important: Clean using a damp cloth only! Do not wash.

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